"A whole new World of Archery"

Field and Target Ranges


All equipment is provided on our beginners course. Equipment hire thereafter is also available until you are ready to buy your own.

'Introduction to archery' course
£45.00 per person

£20.00 per child (under 16) 

(For SAFETY, an introduction course must be completed by all non archers i.e.non Archery GB members or any such organizations... You start on teh TARGET range where you learn to shoot safely - learning how to correctly use a bow and arrow, aiming, etiquettes of archery, safety, and all the information you need to get the correct equipment. Once this section is completed, you then move onto our 3D range putting all you have learnt into practice. All equipment provided)



Membership options if you really enjoy it!

(membership allows you free entry THROUGHOUT the month to both Target and Field ranges as OFTEN as you want.)​
£55.00 (Adults) per person monthly no contract

£264.00 (Adults) per person 6 months upfront

£330.00 (Adults) per person 12 months upfront

£35.00 (children below 16) per person monthly
£168.00 (children) per person 6 months up front
​£210.00 (children) per person 12 months up front


"Pay and Play" options:

(ONLY AVAILABLE once you've completed

the introduction course).

Target Archery - (Non members):
£10.00 per person 

Field Archery - 3D course (Non members):
£30.00 per person 
(takes approx 1 to 2 hours to complete the course)

Archery Safari Adventure - two day breaks
£120.00 per person  

This includes, a tent set up, BBQ meal in the evening, wood for sitting around the open-fire in the evening and Breakfast rolls served in the morning...and of course not forgetting... the archery, accompanied by one of our ArcheryGB instructors.

You'll be taken around the first day onto the Target range learning how to shoot, followed by a round on the woodland course. In the evening our chef will prepare a tasty BBQ whilst you sit around the openfire enjoying a few drinks. Your tent and bedding will be prepared and awaiting you. The following day, you will be served breakfast rolls and then move onto the woodland course again and see how .much you've improved. All you simply need to bring.. is the drinks, and marshmallows!

Corporate Packages available - please call us for more information if you'd like to find out more...

If you are new to the sport and not certain what something means, please call us. Don't worry, we were all there once.